the Demise of the Takhis Network
The epic tale of Takhis began in 1994 with the bardic impressions of a silent Reverie, based on a lost and now fabled chronicle, the story of which shows no intend of ever surfacing again. With him he took the Spirit and gave birth to a private interest group whose projects revolved around artistic outlets in a technological environment.

Although the Network blossomed in the late nineties and the projects were many and in[s]ane, time would have it that the members lost interest and all activities soon vanished from the public eye. Few undertakings still take place in the darkness of Necroth, but the Spirit of Takhis have indeed perished.

Thence the decision is put in motion that the Network be put to sleep, and all traces be vanquished from historical record. Burn it down and salt the Earth, and may her light guide our future, for the Thaz is no more.

Fare thee well.